Electric Five Function ICU Hospital Bed (ABS)


A high quality five function hospital bed with Trendelenburg. Fully featured including bag holders, iv pole & 125mm central lock castors.


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Electric Five Function icu Hospital bed(ABs)
Five function electric icu hopsital bed ABS
  • Advance Linear Actuator System [01pc. Motor + 01pc. Control Box + 01pc. Nurse Control System (ACP)]
  • Four Individual Side Railing, ABS Moulded.
  • ABS Head and Foot Panel with Locking and Corner Buffer.
  • M.S Tubular Framework.
  • 4 Section Top made-up of Oval perforated CRCA M.S Sheet.
  • Bed Mounted on 5” Central Locking Castors.
  • S.S Telescopic IV Rod Provisions on 4 Locations.
  • Urine bag holder.
  • Sitting Position Adjustable.
  • Pre-treated & Epoxy Powder Coated.


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