Oxygen concentrator 10Litres with wheels


oxygen concentrator is a light-weight device with low maintenance. It has an elegant, robust design with excellent performance.

Oxygen concentrator 10L


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Oxygen concentrator 10L

They can provide up to 90% pure oxygen at 1-10 LMP, allowing them to meet the needs of a wide range of patients in a number of environments. It can be employed in a variety of settings, including homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and mobile health services. this is 10Litres oxygen concentrator.https://regino.com.ng

10 Liter Oxygen concentrator is a device that extracts oxygen from atmospheric air. It will typically be an electrically-powered molecular sieve (artificial zeolite) used to separate nitrogen from ambient air. It has the flow rate of 0 to 10 Liter capacity. It is useful for Oxygen Therapy at high flow rate. It can be use for two patients at a time using two humidifier bottles so it is suitable for small nursing homes and hospitals. It could be applied widely in the hospitals at all different level, clinics, health centers and family nursing, health care for the old person, mental workers and students, etc.. Whether the user is professional or not, the users could operate the oxygen concentrator by themselves after reading this user’s manual.

LCD Display:

S.Times(Switch Times): It is calculated by number of times you have been switched on the machine
O.P.Mpa(Operating pressure):It show the operating pressure in the system
O.Time(operating Time):It is calculated by minutes, refer to present running time
Acc.Time(Accumulated Running Time): It is shows number of hours machine was operated
After starting the oxygen concentrator, the LCD screen is lighted, and it will return to screen saver mode in 15 minutes. but if you press the right key during working, the screen will be lighted again.


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