Samvine Cervical Collar/ Neck support


A neck collar, also known as a neck brace or cervical collar, is an instrument used to support the neck and spine and limit head movement after an injury. Its purpose is to prevent you from moving your head and neck until the injury is healed.

soft cervical collar are often used by individuals who have suffered a neck injury, have chronic neck pain, or need support and stability for their neck. they are also used by healthcare professionals as part of treatment plan for various neck conditions.


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Samvine Neck collar

Cervical Collar
Samvine Adjustable cervical collar PXKY


Samvine soft cervical collar uses include:

  • providing support and stability to the neck and cervical spine
  • Relieving pain and discomfort in the neck and shoulder region
  • Helping to maintain proper neck alignment and posture
  • Reducing strain and fatigue on the neck muscles
  • supporting the neck during recovering from injury or surgery


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