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samvine thigh high compression comes in various size and colours. it prevents venous disorders. relieves heavy and aching legs. decreases venous pressure. prevents formation of blood clots. Aids in the treatment of ulcers in the lower legs. Increases blood circulation. can be worn by people who spend a long time sitting or standing at work

samvine varicose compression stockings


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samvine varicose compression stockings
samvine Varicose compression stockings

Here are some features and uses of samvine thigh high compression stockings


  • Made of microfiber
  • soft and breathable material
  • Moiture-wicking
  • provides graduated compression
  • Tightest pressure is at the ankle
  • Pressure decreases as it goes up the leg


  • Prevents venous disorders
  • Relieves heavy and aching legs
  • Decreases venous pressure
  • Prevents formation of blood clots
  • Aids in the treatment of ulcers in the lower legs
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Can be worn by people who are at risk for circulation problems


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