Foldable Adjustable Rollator walker- Mobility Aid


Walking Frame aids movement for the weak, sick and Aged. It makes movement easy for those that can’t move around without support. It’s also good for those who are recuperating and still weak to move around on their own. It’s a good support for the Aged while moving around to prevent any chance of tripping and falling. Walking height can be adjusted from 28″ – 38″. Easy push button mechanism operated by fingers.


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Product Description

Folding Adjustable Rollator walker
  • Rollators are rolling walkers, some with seats, that can increase the mobility
  • comfort for anyone suffering from Arthritis, lower and mid-back area pain, Sciatica and muscle weakness, decreased stamina, deteriorating balance, and many other afflictions, regardless of their age
  • Rolling walkers are simply modified standard walkers with two wheels attached on the bottom of the front legs so they can be rolled forward with each step, therefore eliminating the need for a client to lift the walker as he or she is ambulating.

A walking frame is a device used by those who have difficulty walking, to help improve stability, safety

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