Ankle Brace Stabilizer Corrector


Package Include
1 x Ankle Brace

1. Not A Pair
2. If you need a pair of brace, please pay for 2 pcs.
3. Stop using it if you feel dizzy.
4. This measurement is for reference, recommend the guests to buy the bigger size.

1. Used for fracture dislocation or ligament injury of ankle.
2. Lace up protection. Keeps the tension all the times.
3. 7 straps holes for adjustable fasten on the side of ankle.
4. Breathable and comfortable.
5. Double straps for wrap-around neoprene protection after wearing.
6. An addition brace on bound feet to hold tighter.
7. Best to wear after .

1. Model: WT-Y105
2. : Black
3. Material: PVC 4. Size: S

Ankle brace


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An ankle brace can help to:

– Provide stability and protection to the ankle
– Prevent injuries or sprains
– Offer support during rehabilitation or recovery
– Correct alignment or issues with the ankle joint


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